Am I Doing This Chain Cleaning Lark Right?

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On a nice, sunny Sunday evening, ahead of either a ride tomorrow, or putting my bike in for its six week initial check-up/service, I decided an inspection of the chain was in order.

It’s been two weeks since I made my first de-grease and re-lube attempt, and perhaps naïvely, I wasn’t expecting too much trouble. I was wrong – it was filthy. Not caked in mud filthy, but certainly black with grit and grime.

So it was then that late this evening became bicycle maintenance time. It was actually rather pleasant with the temperature having fallen to a cool twenty-two degrees with a light breeze, and my only requirement being to finish before the light failed and so, no real pressure to get it done quickly.

I’m not going to go through the whole process again – the older article will cover that – only to say, that considering the amount of time I spent scrubbing that chain, chainset, cassette and jockey wheels to get as much muck off as possible, I think perhaps upping the frequency of cleaning may be in order.

I guess it’ll depend on the frequency, duration and type of rides I do, where I suspect predominantly dry road rides will result in less grime than gravel paths and untreated canal tow paths, but perhaps at least an inspection on a weekly basis is in order.

So to you, dear reader, what is your chain maintenance schedule like and how long does it take to complete a de-grease, clean and re-lube? Is an hour about right or am I taking way too long at this?


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