Changing Nuneaton – Weddington Bridle Path/Church Fields

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One of the reasons I record my rides is I like to see changes over time.

A little over a year ago, I took my bike along Weddington Bridle Path, from Saint James’ Church towards (and under) Weddington Walk. At the time, a new housing development (Church Fields) had only recently started development. Now, the area is very different with many houses complete, others well underway and the path itself unrecognisable from what it was in 2017.

Back then, I struggled to take the bike along the route, with it being narrow, rough and closely flanked on either side with nettles. I’d only been riding a month and so was less steady than today. As a result, I walked the bike for the first part of the path. Today, it’s completely different. The path is wide and easy to navigate. It’s no longer just a dirt path but rather a gravel surface. Whether this will end up surfaced with tarmac remains to be seen; a new path connecting to Weddington Walk is, but as this is a bridle path, perhaps this section won’t be.

I’ll make a point to come back along here in a few months, or perhaps another year, to see how things develop further.

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