Weddington Road Cycle Scheme

As part of the Nuneaton Town Investment Plan, there is an early stage project to provide separated high quality cycling provision along approximately 0.9km (0.6 miles) of the A444 Weddington Road. The scheme would run from the Leicester Road junction at the south, to Brook Lane to the north, and will provide a useful (if short) main road link for

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Long Shoot Cycle Scheme Delayed

Update: 26 January 2022 A further request for an update on this project was submitted in early January, after 2021 concluded with no public update from the County Council. In its response, WCC has noted that plans are still not ready for publication and that the anticipated commencement of construction is now the summer of 2022, following the conclusion of

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The warnings about climate change have been sounding for decades and in recent years and months those warnings have begun turning into reality with extreme weather and cascading events. Now, a new report from the IPCC is out and it is clear we are in trouble – we are at the point of irreversible changes which can lead to devestating

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NBBC LCWIP Comments Map (© MapBox/OpenStreetMap)

Have Your Say: Improving Walking and Cycling in Warwickshire (Closed)

Warwickshire County Council is looking for your comments on where you think improvements could be made to aid walking and cycling for local journeys. Over the past few weeks, and with a deadline of 09 July 2021, people across the county have been plotting their opinions on a map of Warwickshire, broken down by borough. Have your thoughts been captured?

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Warwickshire Road Sign

Walking and Cycling: Local Councillors’ Views

At the recent local election for Warwickshire County Council, a number of new councillors were elected to represent their residents, in addition to many who retained their seats. Nuneaton and Bedworth is now a Conservative controlled area and given the soundings on active travel from the national Conservative government over the last year or so, I am interested to hear

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Lutterworth Rd, Golf Dr, Bulkington Ln Junction (November 2020)

Junction “Improvements” in Whitestone, Nuneaton

Recently, Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council approved plans to build a large new housing development of 621 dwellings in the Whitestone area of Nuneaton – a ward at the south of the town. One major concern about this development is the impact it will have on an already congested local road network, and to that end, a junction redesign is

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Goodyers End Lane, Bedworth

The Safety Impact of Road Design Choices

The decisions made by highways authorities have a huge impact on how roads are used – whether they are motor-dominant traffic sewers that are hostile to everyone bar some motorists, or attractive places that accommodate everyone and contribute towards safer travel. Historically, many authorities have been driven by the apparant need to move car traffic through an area as quickly

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Coventry Canal

(Video) Newly Surfaced Canal Towpath

The Canal and River Trust has surfaced the towpath alongside the Coventry Canal over a roughly four mile section between Hawkesbury Junction and Bridge 4 with Stoney Stanton Road, where the route continues to the edge of the city centre on existing tarmac. Before, the towpath featured an uneven compacted gravel track of varying widths, prone to significant puddling in

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Pop-up Cycle Lane

Coventry’s Pop-up Cycle Lane

As a result of the pandemic and the need to increase the accessability, attractiveness, and take-up of cycling, the government announced last year that money would be released under an Emergency Active Travel Fund to enable the rapid creation of pop-up cycle infrastructure – quick and dirty, but safe routes for cycling. One of these projects is a short route

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