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Cycles not welcome in Oxford University Parks

Oxford University Parks demonstrates an anti-cycling stance that goes beyond the usual, where they forbid cycles even from being pushed along paths! The entrance to the park prominently displays a No Cycling sign accompanied with the text, “No cycles whether ridden or not”. This is a petty and unreasonable restriction to a destination park which, whilst it may be private land, is a popular and pleasant green space in the city.

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The warnings about climate change have been sounding for decades and in recent years and months those warnings have begun turning into reality with extreme weather and cascading events. Now, a new report from the IPCC is out and it is clear we are in trouble – we are at the point of irreversible changes which can lead to devestating

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Goodyers End Lane, Bedworth

The Safety Impact of Road Design Choices

The decisions made by highways authorities have a huge impact on how roads are used – whether they are motor-dominant traffic sewers that are hostile to everyone bar some motorists, or attractive places that accommodate everyone and contribute towards safer travel. Historically, many authorities have been driven by the apparant need to move car traffic through an area as quickly

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