Foleshill Road Cycle Scheme

There is the potential for a separated cycle scheme to be developed on Coventry’s Foleshill Road, creatiing an important safe link to the city centre from the north of Coventry. This scheme is in very early stages at present, where only a feedback exercise has been run to gather initial comments, ideas, and suggestions from local people and those who travel to and through the area.

This page will serve to record a timeline of the development of this scheme, should it progress.

06 Apr 2021“Let’s Talk” consultation exercise
11 Apr 2021Consultation closed.
29 Jan 2022Potential award of £110.9m for sustainable travel projects, including a “Foleshill Package” – though what that is, is unclear.
31 Jan 2022Scheme is expected to be delivered in 2022.Adam Tranter, West Midlands Walking & Cycling Commissioner.