Weddington Walk

Weddington Walk, Nuneaton

Weddington Walk (originally known as Weddington Country Walk) is a generally pleasant, off-road, shared walking and cycling route in the north of Nuneaton, Warwickshire. It follows the line of the old Ashby and Nuneaton Joint Railway which closed to passengers in 1931, and to freight in 1971. Running from Stoney Road (roughly 1km north of the town centre), crossing the A444 Weddington Road, and up to the underpass with the A5, it covers a distance of approximately 2.6km (1.6 miles), and has a tarmac surface throughout – though it can be a bit overgrown at times and places.

Originally opened on 10 October 1983, this is now a popular route for general walking, dog walking, and considerate cycling. However, users should be aware of some access difficulties, particularly at the southern end: a number of K-Frame barriers along the route may be difficult to pass for some; access from Sandon Park is via a stepped bridge with no ramped alternative; and Stoney Road itself from the junction with Midland Road is rough and often waterlogged. Some users may also find the path incline to be quite steep as the route drops to meet Weddington Road (A444), passing through narrow K-Frame restrictions to the end of the drop. This is potentially prohibitive to cycling uphill where some riders may need to dismount and push. I have also seen wheelchair users struggle on these inclines.

As development of the surrounding areas has increased, so too have access points on to the route. Main connections include the Stoney Road and A5 ends, the Weddington Road crossing point, and now also a fairly new branch connecting to the Weddington Bridle Path – itself which connects to the new housing estate west of the A444 (Adderley Avenue and Grazier Way) as well as the older developments accessed via Church Lane (passing Saint James Church).

Weddington Walk forms part of the National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 52. At the south side, that route continues through to the Coventry Canal (heading south on the towpath towards Bedworth) by following Stoney Road and then accessing the towpath by the Midland Road bridge. To the north, the cycle route continues in Leicestershire, along Wood Lane towards Higham-on-the-Hill. The road is small and generally quiet, though note the proximity of access to the junction with the A5 which requires a bit of caution.

The tarmac path along Weddington Route is roughly a minimum of three metres, though this can narrow at times with overgrowth before it is cut back. As a result, it can sometimes feel a little congested at busy times with lots of people – walkers and cyclists – sharing the same space. For the most part there are decent verges and the south section also has a dirt track running adjacent behind the trees for a short way which people sometimes use as an alternative option.

For those who like to travel at night or outside of busy times, note that the route is isolated, quiet, and not lit. Good lights are essential both when walking or cycling.

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