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I don’t run adverts here and don’t particularly want to, but running a website does have associated costs in addition to the significant time taken to research and write articles, write letters to representatives, and promote messages through advertising on Facebook, Google etc. I fund most of this out of my own pocket, and as I work for myself, this is time that is directly taken away from work projects. Therefore, if you have found anything on the website useful or have become more aware of cycling developments as a result of what I do, then if you can contribute a small amount, it would be gratefully received (though it is completely optional)!

Instead of running adverts, I’ve chosen two methods where supporters can optionally contribute:

  • “Buy me a coffee” or “Tip Jar” uses the Ko-Fi service to allow people who want to support content creators to do so through a small payment. This is for one-off donations from £3.00 – there are no recurring subscriptions – and your contribution is entirely voluntary.
  • ”Become a Patreon” is a recurring subscription service billed monthly. Various tiers (or subscription levels) may be available with different benefits, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Please see the donation terms for more details, and if you do choose to contribute, I am extremely grateful for your support.

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