Terms and Conditions

General Terms

This website is provided as is and no liability is accepted in the event of any inaccuracy or error. The following simple terms apply to all users with respect to copyrighted material.

  1. Unless otherwise stated, content on this page is copyrighted and may not be reproduced elsewhere without permission. This includes text articles, images, videos and any other media.
  2. Some (but not all) of my images are provided under a non-commercial Creative Commons licence. Usage for non-commercial purposes is permitted under the limitations of that licence (shown with the images in question). Commercial usage requires written agreement.
  3. Some content (particularly, but not limited to, certain images) may be owned by third-parties and licensed for use either on a commercial basis or through their own Creative Commons terms. I am not responsible for further licensing of such content. If any user to this site wishes to make use of that content themselves, they must abide by the licensing terms of the third-party, be that through their own direct commercial agreement, or as applies under the terms of the specific Creative Commons licence.
  4. Any commercial use of my content (including journalistic and press usage) must be by prior agreement and not taken out of context. Any agreed usage may be revoked if the terms and limitations of that agreement are not met.
  5. Where content has been reproduced without agreement, or content has been used in violation of the terms and limitations of an agreement, the user will be liable to ongoing usage charges, retrospectively applied, and continuing until such use ceases.

Website Donations and Subscriptions

Any user who wishes to make a donation in support of the site and the advocacy work I do, does so in acknowledgement of the following points.

  1. Donations and subscriptions are entirely voluntary; no user is obligated to send any money.
  2. A donation or subscription does not result in any reward, perk, or special status being given to the donor beyond what is explicitly stated (if anything) as part of the contribution process.
  3. Donations must not be used as a substitute to an agreement for licensing content. They do not absolve any infringement of copyright where a usage agreement has not been established.
  4. Whilst users may make as many one-off contributions as they wish or subscribe at any level or duration, no-one should donate any more money than they are comfortable with or can afford.
  5. A user may only make donations through the provided services and must adhere to any terms applicable to that service.
  6. All donations are accounted for in respect to my tax obligations.

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