National Cycle Network Route Signs (52 and 63)

Cycle Route Signage and Wayfinding

A discussion arose on Twitter yesterday about how to signpost cycle routes in the UK, whether to use distances (miles) or times (minutes) to a destination – a little premature maybe since we’re still lacking safe, direct routes, but it’s an interesting thing to consider in terms of what is best for usability and for promoting the network in order

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A47 Long Shoot Cycleway Plans

On Tuesday 16 February, Warwickshire County Council released its initial plans for the development of a high quality cycleway in Nuneaton. The approximately 1.4km (0.9mi) route will run from the A5, along the A47 Long Shoot, to the roundabout junction with Eastboro Way. The intention is to improve cycle safety and enable greater cycle take-up along this corridor which links

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Be Bright, Be Seen

Warwickshire Country Council’s Road Safety Education and Active Travel team sent out this victim-blaming message today on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a fairly common communication that can be seen from a variety of sources at this time of year, encouraging people who may be walking, scooting or cycling to dress up in bright, high-vis and reflective clothing to aid their

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